I’ve just started reading a book about Leonardo da Vinci; he was such an inspirational artist and scientist and so, so gifted. When you read snippets of a person’s life it doesn’t give you a great deal of information, so I always seize the chance to delve deeper into a biography whenever I can and this one is highly recommended. Plus he does come up a fair bit in the lives of my students and they usually seem to agree that the most fascinating fact about him is the incredible flying machine he drew all those centuries ago!

And now I’ve found today that he was left-handed! Gifted people are often left-handed, I know that, but I didn’t realise Leonardo was till just now….


And that of course takes me on a journey, as my brother is left-handed, so are two of our five children, one of our nieces and right we have three out of six grandsons who are left-handed and a couple who are still too young to write! How are those odds? Yes, it definitely seems to run in the family….!! Not sure how or why and I believe most experts don’t have all the answers!

I was also intrigued to discover that Leonardo wrote from right to left and even wrote his letters backwards (apparently to save smudging the ink). I remember watching our kids getting frustrated because their hand would cover what they had just written, so it’s a definite solution! He also drew his strokes from lower right to upper left, not the normal way //// and that’s one way to tell if a drawing has really been done by him.

I can’t wait to read on!

Day 4 Slice of Life 03/04/2018

12 thoughts on “Left-handed

  1. My first born son is left handed. My brother’s first born son is left handed. My sister’s first born son is left handed. We are all right handed. This has always intrigued us. Leonardo da Vinci is an interesting study.

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  2. What an interesting find! I always wonder if we should be teaching lefties different letter formation, which leads me down the path of letter formation in general considering we don’t teach cursive anymore (you get the idea). Lefties have to do a little more problem solving since many things are made for righties. Could that lead to them being more creative, which I’ve heard in some studies. Very interesting!


    1. Yes, I guess you need to find a left-handed teacher for that answer! We still teach cursive here in India! Handwriting is pretty important here because they’re always writing tests and mostly don’t have access to all the technology!


  3. His is one of the most interesting stories. I read a terrific biography about him a few years ago, and even though I can’t remember particulars, I do remember thinking that “ahead of his time” was an understatement. My dad was a “lefty” and used to say, “Lefties are the only ones in their right mind.” My son is primarily a righty but surfs “goofy.” Love that designation. Thanks for an engaging post.


  4. I absolutely love biographies. And this one seems to have extra special meaning to you with the family connections you’ve made to Leonardo. Pretty cool. Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge! I love the picture you have at the top of your blog 🙂


  5. My son is ambidextrous. When he was preschool, it was such fun putting things deliberately on his left and then his right side to see him use the hand closest to the object. After a year in K, he started settling into his right hand to write and cut with scissors. At the end of first grade he broke his right wrist and his teacher was going to make accommodations. I handed him a pencil and to her amazement, he wrote without any difficulty with his left. And I have a left-handed grandson.


  6. It would be very interesting to see how many geniuses, like Leonardo, are left handed. It sounds like a must-read book.


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