Skydiving Stars

Slice of life Day 8 – 03/08/2018

Almost every day in our little school, we do a challenge from the Bedtime Math website, before we go to our separate classes. We call it “Daytime Math” (it’s actually designed to be done with your own child before he or she goes to sleep of course!) It helps our non-English speaking kids to think about maths in the everyday world and shows them ways to solve problems…..

They often use quirky and fairly ‘off the wall’ ideas or events and the one today involved a record-breaking (in number of participants) skydive. Quite apart from the maths, it took my breath away with the awesome symmetry, planning and courage of all those taking part in such a spectacular display.skydive-record-formation

This is something I would never even contemplate doing and probably have no real desire to have a go at. However, I do wonder what the rush of adrenalin as you jump and the thrill as you free fall must be like??!

This is the link to the video of what they did if you’re interested!


7 thoughts on “Skydiving Stars

    1. If you go to their website Bedtime you will find all sorts of stuff, I’m not sure how I first heard about it, but I think it’s aimed at parents doing some math with their kids at night. I just get it emailed every day to me, so some of the choices mean very little to my students (ie pizza and other food oriented math problems as they don’t eat or even know what that is) but most of the stuff is just great and we watch the videos that they link to, like record breaking skateboarding dogs, etc, etc!)

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