Friday is art day!

So I love drawing and painting about as much as I love writing, but I don’t get time to do much of either. My outlet is teaching them to my students. So I always  look forward to  art last lesson on Fridays….

My art room is also a classroom, so we are always squished for space and doing things properly, but I am determined to let these kids have some colour and paint in their lives. Sometimes it’s thoroughly frustrating when my little kindergarten class has no clue how to hold a paintbrush, let alone move it in a straight line. “One way, one way,” I ask them to chant and they oblige, but they’ve only been at school for six weeks and don’t have much English, so it hasn’t really sunk in yet!! So they still tend to scrub rather than paint.


Today the older classes finished off their drawings and painting of a decorated camel. I use an art teacher’s blog for all my art classes and some work really well and some I mentally make a note never to attempt again! Today’s project was a success. Everyone enjoyed doing all the fine details and then colouring them in and covering all the blotchy pastel stains with a background of vivid blue!

Friday is art day!



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