The lady with the key is not here…

I used to visit the local post office in our little town here in north east India from time to time. It usually ended up with feeling some degree of exasperation, even though I knew before I walked in the door, that there would probably be an issue I had not foreseen. Once when I went in to post a letter at about 3 pm (the post office is “officially” open from 9 am to 5 pm but often isn’t), I was told that the lady who sold the stamps had gone home.

So I asked if someone else could sell me the stamp I needed to post my letter and was told no, because that lady had taken the key to the stamp drawer home with her and no one else could therefore access the stamps!

Here are a couple of photos from seven years ago when we wrote our first set of penpal letters to my daughter’s class in a school in Australia. As you can see, even though we reached there at about 10 am, we still had to wait a while before the post office actually opened!


Believe it or not, those penpal letters actually reached their destination after about six weeks or so!

4 thoughts on “The lady with the key is not here…

  1. Oh wow. How spoiled are we in America? I can’t even imagine not being able to buy a stamp. I agree with vanessaw–your title is perfect!

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