Pen pal pleasures!

Slice of Life Day 13

In this age of technology superseding so many traditions, no one seems to write letters any more, but they can still give such huge satisfaction. Some of my older students were pen pals with a Year 3 class in Australia for several years and it was a delightful learning experience on both sides.

So a class in Australia discovered that there are children in the world who have never seen the sea or swum in it or made sandcastles on a beach, or know what Minecraft is or Nintendo. And a group of children in India discovered that they could share their hobbies and favourite colours and drawings with others in a country thousands of kilometres away and were excited that they even shared some similar likes and dislikes, all while practising their English!


There’s something special and heartwarming about a handwritten letter sent with love and received with joy that technology can NEVER replace!

7 thoughts on “Pen pal pleasures!

  1. Awesome! At 45 I am still in contact with my pen pal from elementary school. Back then I had no choice but to write letters, but I miss the excitement of getting one in the mail!

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  2. This makes my heart so happy that this happened for students! It is unfortunate that hand written anything is a lost art. I still do hand written thank you cards and invites because it’s so much more personal! My students in 5th grade just sent a hand written thank you note to someone they video chatted with for a project. They told me this was their first letter they have ever sent. Thanks for sharing your post… it gave me some ideas!

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  3. The pictures you posted says it all! There is something so exciting reading a letter from other children from another place and learning how they live and what they love to do. You’re teaching acceptance and tolerance in your own little world.


  4. Well said. Snail mail is still preferred at my house, but it’s hard to get my students to buy in. They want to text everything! Love the photos! What a great experience to share with each other.


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