Lilly and that plastic purple purse!

Slice of Life Day 14 – 03/14/2018

What is so special about Lilly that makes this one of my favourite children’s books? Is it because she’s a mouse, but drawn in such a stylish simple way with just a few strokes and all those wonderful accessories, her boots, the bow on her tail, her sweet little dresses…and that purse?!

I think Kevin Henkes is a genius in the way he writes and illustrates his books. Lilly is just the icing on the cake with her enthusiasm and zest for life which she finds so hard to temper, when she is asked to be “considerate” of others.

The kids all love her story and really relate to her. I find so many more nuances every time I go through it…. the way “Wow” is said by different people at different times and Mr. Slinger’s comment “Excellent choice,” when all his students want to be a teacher when they grow up….of course!


“Do you rodents think you can handle a semicircle?” !!

2 thoughts on “Lilly and that plastic purple purse!

  1. Lily is always a crowd pleaser. There are numerous writing and reading strategy lessons that can be made with Kevin Henkes books and they are so much fun that the students don’t even know they are learning!


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