The Cake Lady

Day 15 Slice of Life

In history we are studying the second half of the 19th century and yesterday we took some notes and discussed how society changed during that period, with new inventions, the industrial revolution and so many new ways of doing things.

I told my students they could spend the last few minutes of the class copying the picture of the man or the lady on that page, both beautifully dressed in their stylish Victorian outfits with crinoline and bonnet, frock coat and top hat. When I pointed to the picture in question, one of my students exclaimed, “You mean the lady dressed like a cake!”

Yep, that’s the one!


Today when I was checking  another student’s notebook, I asked her why she had left half a page blank before going on to write on the next page.

“Oh, that’s for the cake lady, I didn’t get time to draw her yesterday.” Of course.

So I will probably never be able to look at one of those dresses again without wondering if it looks good enough to eat!

8 thoughts on “The Cake Lady

  1. When I was a kid, my mom went thought a phase of making dress cakes. They had half of a Barbie body stuck in the top and then she was wearing the cake. I make one for my daughter’s 5th birthday (a princess theme!) I think these dresses look a lot like cake too.

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  2. Such a funny “text to self” connection! Now I won’t be able to look at Victorian-style dresses without thinking “cake lady.” BTW, my mother made my daughter “doll” birthday cakes (like Lisa describes in her comment). They were always a big hit.

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