By the skin of my teeth!

Slice of Life Day 16…..

It’s already the 17th here in India, but fortunately I see Day 16 is still open….phew!

I’ve scraped in by the skin of my teeth (wonder where that expression came from, oh I can probably guess without googling it)!

So the subject for today’s post is the issue of being able to post a slice of life on time here in north-east rural India!


Our internet connection often goes down for no apparent reason (apologies for the really grainy photo above, but this was my proof, when that extreme right button is red the line is down!) Trying to get someone to be accountable and say “Sorry madam, we will do our best to fix things as soon as possible,” is pretty much an impossible task…

Here’s how the conversation usually goes….

“Someone has cut the line”….or “the line has been cut….”


“In the usual place …. towards Mawkyrwat.”

“Has someone been sent to fix it?”

“Already informed.”

“Will it be fixed today?”

“I cannot say.”

I stomp out of the local government provider’s office where almost everyone is sitting around apparently doing nothing…. and wait.

It’s similar to my previous post about “the lady with the key has gone home…”

“Someone has cut the line.”  ….. “I cannot say.”

Double sigh, will I get to post my Slice of Life in time!?

7 thoughts on “By the skin of my teeth!

  1. Somewhere I’ve read about the origins of “by the skin of one’s teeth” but don’t remember — now curiosity will drive me to look it up. It’s so evocative too, even if teeth don’t have skin. “In the nick of time” is another.

    Rural U.S. also has less than reliable internet — slow, intermittent and crash prone. I’ve been reading about it for years and experiencing it even longer. The news stories always claim that there are programs afoot to do something I’m still waiting for that to happen. Mine went down last night too but not before I posted mine. Your account also sounds like what I hear when I’ve called my internet provider, except that here it’s usually the wind.

    Anyway, I’m glad Two Writing Teachers are not closing comments. They used to.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, I’m sorry to hear you have problems there too and the same kind of excuses! They do close the comments, when I checked back, mine was actually the last one at the very top, so I really did make it by the skin of my teeth!

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  2. Well, you did get your post in time. It is aggravating when the line is cut that often. You’d think they would have a better plan in place.


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