A poetic photographic experiment

Slice of Life Day 26

Today in the course of doing many things, I came across a Robert Frost poem and a photo of  some of my students. In the back of my mind I was thinking of what my slice would be today and I suddenly decided to see if I could connect these two random points by adapting the poem to fit the photo….

….it’s purely an experiment! I’m not a great writer of poetry and I think the last line sucks a bit, do let me know if you think of a better one…. I enjoyed the challenge!

This is the original poem:

Fireflies in the Garden

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That thought they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can’t sustain the part.


Last Year at our School

Here come my students the stars of our upper class
Like those gone before they desire to pass
They will never equal, they will all differ
Their challenge is to do their best and see
That the promise held when they first came
Will be sustained within their own walk of fame.



7 thoughts on “A poetic photographic experiment

  1. Actually, I love it!
    I agree you could keep working on the last line. And it needs to rhyme with the line before. Maybe change the end-words to arrive and strive somehow?
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful students!

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  2. Nicely done. My favorite line “Here come my students the stars of our upper class.” It looks like you have done some revision of the last line..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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