Expect the unexpected!

Slice of life Day 30

This is the motto you have to live by in India on a daily basis, but I still get caught out time and time again, just like today.

A clear sunny warm day in late March. All set for a day to do bits and pieces for school and to make sure I complete my last two slices for the challenge. I totally forgot to take into account that the weather can change in an instant, when you live in the foothills of the Himalayas and the season is moving from a dry cold winter to a warm unpredictable spring, just before the wet season hits.

In an instant there are heavy clouds in the sky, then a heavy clap of thunder and bang, bang, bang on the roof. Bother, not just a thunderstorm, but a hailstorm. Within thirty seconds it looks like it has been snowing, as the mini golf ball sized icy stones pelt down. Fortunately it turns to rain before all our plants are destroyed and they get a good soaking instead.


Thunder and lightning mean the internet will be switched off indefinitely and the intensity of the rain means the power goes too. It’s nearly pitch dark in the middle of the day.


And of course that means my mood has changed and my leisurely plans are laid aside and I’m just going to write about a boring old hailstorm that changed the course of today’s slice.

At least the power came back on along with the internet before it got dark so I could write and post this!

2 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected!

  1. I have loved this most about #SOL2018. I often go to bed with the next day’s Slice topic in my head. Then something happens, and I completely change course. Writing is wonderful that way! (Look what a hailstorm can produce.) You might want to read my blog post today; I talk a bit about teaching in a foreign setting (of course, I’m the foreigner!)


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