Let there be light…

Sometimes I feel as though the power goes off here just to spite me. I’m just about to print a copy of something, reply to an email or search for evidence on Google, turn on the kettle, my hand is on the light switch… and it goes off! I’ve spent the previous hour doing things that don’t require electricity, but the moment I turn to it, it appears to thumb its nose at me and flick itself off.

Sometimes it can be for a few seconds, sometimes minutes but fairly often it can last for several hours. The longest stretch from memory is close to 24 hours. That usually happens when the weather is at its worst, during a big storm or following torrential rain. In the daytime we can make do, but it’s always more tedious and stressful in the evenings, trying to cook by candlelight, not being able to have a hot shower or do the dishes because the geyser is off and not finding out some item of family news from another country.

The one big plus is that it has helped me to appreciate having light so much more. We are fortunate to live in the age of electricity and to have easy access to it. I know and hear or read about so many who do not.

I love the light in the early morning the most, watching the sun rises on another brand new day.


But the best light of all is the light that I know will last forever.

5 thoughts on “Let there be light…

  1. When I return home (US) from visiting other parts of the world, I have a renewed appreciation for so many things we often take for granted, such as nearly uninterrupted power, convenient appliances, nearly unbroken communication systems. And I do enjoy a hot shower. 🙂

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    1. As if to really underline my final post, the internet was down for over 48 hours and the power for most of today, so I’ve missed signing my participants pledge, which is very annoying!! It has just come on, about 10 hours too late, hoping I can still do it!


      1. The pledge is still active… or was earlier this afternoon. So jump over there as soon as you can.


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