A Hint of Jaipur

How exciting….another March and another SOLSC challenge, my second one! I think I’m a little better prepared this year, although neither my wordpress website, nor the two teachers website to post on would open for me until about an hour ago, so I was almost ready to panic!!

I actually have a great topic to write on, after a recent flying trip across India to an historic city, I’ve always wanted to visit!


Jaipur is a 300 year old town in the western desert state of Rajasthan. It is home to some of India’s most captivating architecture and was painted pink at one stage so it’s sometimes called the Pink City. Truth to tell most of the pink has faded over the centuries and returned to its original sandstone colouring.

I met up with my daughter who came to India for a friend’s wedding and we did a bit of touring and found some nice coffee shops (a must as far as we’re concerned!) Everything is a touch shabby and dusty and there are thousands of pigeons, roaming dogs, quite a few cows, dust, incessant horns and traffic…just the usual Indian town!

One of my favourite buildings was the Hawa Mahal or Wind Palace. It has 953 small windows decorated with detailed latticework, so the ladies of the palace could peek out at daily life and any festivals without being spotted. The windows also allow breezes to pass through and cool things down a bit on sweltering summer days, hence the name.

It’s simply stunning!IMG_E0670

So much to see and so many bargains just on our first day!!


One thought on “A Hint of Jaipur

  1. I’ve never been to India and don’t know if I ever will. Such an exotic and fascinating place. Beautiful! Happy March!


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