Which seat would you pick?!

We live in northeast India and finally we have an excellent road between our little country town (where we run a school for poor kids) and the capital 90 km (50 miles) away. It’s a little windy but the scenery can be quite spectacular and attractive especially during the wet season.

The main means of transport in this area are jeeps that can legally seat seven people plus the driver, but usually seat up to eleven, sometimes with the driver leaning half his body out of his window in order to fit three others in the front!

Seatbelts I hear you ask? weeelll no, only the driver has to wear one if he’s in town…

And when the seats are all taken the jeep still stops en route and takes on a few extra passengers as necessary (and sometimes a few goats or a sheep).

We spotted this on our way back home last week…so which seat would you pick, given the choice…


… head in a basket or perched on the back?!



15 thoughts on “Which seat would you pick?!

  1. These are the types of details of things my daughter didn’t share with me about her time in Himachal Pradesh. I admire your courage to live in another culture to meet the needs of these children.

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    1. India is desperately in need of libraries for children, so I am sure you could come and set some up, unfortunately you’d have to pay your own way… we don’t get a salary, we’re working for an NGO!


  2. This reminded me of the motorcycle taxis in Thailand, which usually had three to four people plus some exotic loads like bamboo rods, large bottles of water, or tropical fruit. I love this slice for noticing what is right in front of you, but can become just another day.

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  3. Utterly compelling place and photos — I suppose walking is out of the question?? I would love to travel there, though. I imagine you have endless stories – I would love to hear them all.

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