Who doesn’t love an Indian wedding?

Day 6 SOL19

Last month two of our daughters and another friend of ours attended a wedding in north India. They thoroughly enjoyed all the glitz and glamour that goes with such an event here. The groom who invited them (now based in Australia and will be returning there at some stage with his new bride) made sure they were fitted out in glittery costumes, skirts (lehenga) and tops with dupattas (scarf worn around the shoulders).



They looked stunning, complete with jewellery and professionally straightened hair!

The groom rode on a white horse for a few moments, but the musicians were a real hit and very good and obviously enjoyed every minute of their performance!


The bride and groom were dressed in a variety of outfits (this was a Sikh wedding), so much colour and sparkle!



I wasn’t at all envious and I could have gone, but I prefer to look at all the gorgeous photos and hear about the delicious food vicariously!


10 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love an Indian wedding?

  1. What a great experience for your daughters. They do look gorgeous as does the entire affair. Great photos too. Thanks for the uplifting post.

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  2. I love this photo essay, the juxtaposition of images and text. I am tutoring a student writing one—we’ll meet tomorrow online—and I plan to show him this as a perfect example of elements. There’s HEART here, too, the the essential quality that I crave. Beautiful!

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  3. This is such a lovely photo essay. I love weddings and especially learning about and participating in the wedding traditions of other cultures.

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