Lucy and Emma – not to be

Slice of Life Day 11 SOL19

So I’ve been debating what to write today while looking through our last lot of family photos taken 14 months ago by a wonderful professional photographer friend and yes, I feel it’s time….

That day the photos were taken would have been Lucy and Emma’s fourth birthday, so our daughters made a cake and bought balloons with their names on. After the photo shoot we let them go together in memory of those little girls, even though two of our grandsons were quite concerned about how those balloons might affect the environment.


Lucy and Emma were born premature at 21 weeks and could not be saved. They lived for a matter of minutes each. For so many weeks I was so thrilled at the thought of having twin grandchildren. We were half a world away, on holiday with our three daughters when we got the message from our son that it wasn’t going to be….

For a long time I used to think about them almost every day and I cried a lot. I was only their grandparent and I can’t imagine how our son and daughter-in-law suffered….I can’t fathom losing one, let alone two children at once. My son is not a ‘tattoo’ type of guy, but he felt he should have their names tattooed on his arm. I think it’s a fitting tribute to them.

They now have two more lively and adorable grandsons…. but Lucy and Emma… nothing quite fills that hole in my heart. Miss you both!



22 thoughts on “Lucy and Emma – not to be

  1. Wow, my heart aches for you, for your son and his wife. I cannot imagine the sadness, and yet I feel happiness for them when I see their two boys and their tribute to Lucy and Emma. May you all feel peace and comfort on these anniversaries.

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  2. So sweet of you to share your thoughts with a much larger audience. You are so brave to tell their story. Continue to say their names, write their names and honor their names.

    We also celebrate my son’s angel birthday in our home as way to honor his short life.

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  3. You are right: There’s nothing like the loss of a child, and I can’t imagine the heartache you and the parents have endured. The grandsons are adorable, but some holes can never be filled.


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