Elephant Tribute

Measured tread with ponderous weight;
Such formidable strength held in check
By no visible means;
Rhythmic tread of resolute dignity,
The plod of solid meaningful footsteps.

Swinging trunk with curious curve;
Such graceful swaying encased in wrinkles
By grey rugged skin;
Careful swoop and swirl of the multisensory tip,
The unceasing motion of that versatile nose.

Flapping ears with ragged edges;
Such enormous folds of skin to send,
By swishing back and forth,
Messages, even while keeping cool,
Sharing around your joy and pleasure.

Deeply set with tasselled lids;
Such a wise untroubled gaze meets my own
By no means downcast;
Thoughtful stare to make me wonder
What goes on inside your enormous skull?




9 thoughts on “Elephant Tribute

  1. Such a thoughtful tribute and BEAUTIFUL images! I love that you took the time to write a poem about such a majestic creature. What an enjoyable piece of poetry. 🙂

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  2. I agree- great lines. I like ‘resolute dignity’ too- sort of. Exemplifies elephants! And I like ‘tasseled lids’ and that the eyes are cast down but by no means ‘downcast.’ Lovely tribute to an amazing animal. And wonderful photo- original, I assume? Makes me want to travel…

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