A Rooster Awakening

Day 16 SOL19

A rooster crows once, then twice, then a third time.

He’s very loud, I think to myself as he wakes me up when I’d been intending to sleep in. He obviously doesn’t realise that it’s the weekend. We’re staying in a friend’s house for the night and it takes me a while to realise the reason he’s so loud is that he’s very CLOSE by.

When the thought that he’s close by begins to sink in and become a fact, I sit up and peer sleepily out through the window and there he is. Just outside our window. He is obviously intent on letting everyone know that he’s not at all happy at being tied up and so this is more than his usual wake up call. He continues to crow so constantly that it eventually blends into the general background neighbourhood noise of people shouting, singing, coughing, spitting, splashing water and banging pots and pans while they do their dishes.

I later discovered that he’d been delivered as a dinner gift to our friend and his family. Not cleaned and wrapped in portions, as breast or thighs or drumsticks, but feathers and all (normal practice over here, I was once given a rooster by one of my ex-students and no, I didn’t kill him and pluck him, but a friend did it for me).

So in the end, I didn’t begrudge him making that much noise, on what was probably going to be one of his last mornings on earth.



8 thoughts on “A Rooster Awakening

  1. Outsourcing the murder of a rooster, eh? Poor bird. At first I felt terrible for you having to listen to the crowing, and then the fire circumstance of the rooster, whom you may find on your dinner plate, manifested itself to me. Love this slice so much I read it to my husband.

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  2. Well, that was an unexpected turn – I, too, ended up feeling like the rooster might as well crow his heart out on the last morning… Love the auditory description in this slice, how we follow you through the sounds to discover the place around you.

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  3. Memories of living my summers in Greece with my grandparents on my mom’s side and my aunt and uncle on my dad’s side. The roosters always woke us earlier than we had planned, but the sounds of the roosters now bring back the childhood memories. Thank you for conjuring up those memories!

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