Character confusion

Day 18 SOL19

This morning’s Class 1 writing class. We are learning about what a character is and how to describe what kind of person or animal he or she is.


“So remember, I want you to tell me about a character in the book you’re reading. You can start, Elba.”

“He’s a frog. ”

“Good, now tell me something about him.”

“He’s a frog.”

“Right, so what can he do?”

“He can jump and he can swim.”

“Good, so you can write that down. Can you tell me anything else about him?”

A blank stare.

“Risuk, what is the name of the character in your book?”


“Good, so what is Toot?”

“He’s a boat.”

“Right, he’s a tugboat, I think, so is he big or small?


“Hmmm, I think he’s actually quite small and he helps big boats.”

Another blank stare.

Then I check the titles of the books they borrowed from their classroom box last week.

“Elba, your story isn’t about a frog, it’s called The Missing Tooth. Frogs don’t have teeth.”

“Risuk, your story is called Mog and the Baby. Isn’t Mog a cat? Why did you say it was a boat?”


Turns out they are all talking about a character from books they have read while sitting in our school library area, not one borrowed from their classroom library box for the week. Even though I clearly explained which book I meant in our last lesson. Oh well, a week is a long time for six and seven year olds. Especially when they are not using their own language!

In the end everyone wrote at least two sentences and then drew their character. We’ll have another go next week.

Their drawings are super cute!


4 thoughts on “Character confusion

  1. The drawings are adorable -! I am delighted the kids got back on track and, believe me, I know how confusing it is to the teacher when the kids get so confused -! (How – why?) Sounds to me like you did a great job redirecting them, talking it out. And the photos of the students themselves – so beautiful!

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