The promise of what’s to come…

Day 19 SOL19

Last night we had our first thunderstorm to forewarn of the approaching wet season. In other parts of India the monsoon won’t start till early June, but up here the weather is much wetter and more unpredictable.

Thunderstorms in March making roads wet and slippery.


Hailstorms and wind in April.


Heavy rain showers with unexpected rainbows in May.


Torrential rain in June, July, August.


Unpredictable rain and tempestuous skies in September, October.


Almost dry come November.

I have a love/hate relationship with the intensity of the soaking and the smothering dampness of these upcoming wet months. Clothes and art supplies go mouldy, paper feels damp and limp, whiteboards are permanently moist and there is always water leaking into a part of a building somewhere.

We need it of course, but the superabundance can be overwhelming. We measure our rainfall here in metres, not feet or inches.

On the other hand, I can’t wait for green shoots to fuzz across the hills and the new leaves to start popping out their shiny green everywhere. Our dahlias grow six feet tall before they even start to flower. Marigold bushes turn into small trees. Some roads become part time rivers. Then they subside leaving dank fetid stagnant pools that are constantly topped up by fresh downpours.

The highs and lows of living in a wet climate!


8 thoughts on “The promise of what’s to come…

  1. Wow! I appreciate the glimpse into another part of the world. That’s A LOT of wetness! I love that you see the silver lining, though, through the rain. Here, I am SO looking forward to spring! I’m sure it will bring rain showers, but we can look forward to warmer temps and sunshine, too!

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  2. There certainly are “highs and lows” in any climate. I love hearing about the vegetation and how profusely it grows. It’s hard to imagine marigolds bushes, much less marigold trees. Thanks for sharing.

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