Are you making your garden grow?

Day 20 SOL19

My daughter sent me a little video yesterday (my three daughters and I share a  WhatsApp group chat under the name of Hot Babes). As we are spread right around the globe on three different continents in four different countries, this is our main means of communicating at the moment!

Her video showed us a card made by one of her students (from Class 3) and given her that morning. It was such a delightful card that I told her I would ‘steal’ it to share here. Lydia is teaching at an international school in Shanghai and this student is from Hong Kong, probably about eight years old.

There’s a bit of overkill with stickers on the front and back…


But wait till you read the message….


What a lovely picture…Miss Fisher and her Chinese co-teacher, Miss Xu, are watering their student flowers with their teaching and helping them to learn and grow!


8 thoughts on “Are you making your garden grow?

  1. This is such a beautiful card and sentiment. The pictures were definitely important for this slice. I can only hope that I am helping my “garden grow” as much as your daughter and her co-teacher.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this! (Love the “Hot Babes” group chat name.) The metaphor of the teachers as gardeners is precious, and apt. Isn’t it great to see your child in the eyes of others?

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