Moon Musings

Day 21 SOL19

You merely bask in the sun’s reflected glory

Yet tonight you rose

Copper tinged, burnished

And just so bright,

Above the rim of the hill outside my window.

You took my breath away.

You are peerless right now

Shining like a pearl in the sky’s ebony setting.

Flickering town lights dimmed by your radiance,

Shimmering sphere brilliant in the distance.




Impossible to capture well in a photo, but will give you some idea!


Sometimes timing or circumstances are quite remarkable.

I would not have looked out of my window and written this (attempt at a) poem, if the power hadn’t been off for eight hours today. I would most likely have posted my slice in daylight. Even though I saw the moon rise in a spectacular way through a clear sky last night and had heard it was a super moon and this was the March equinox, it just wasn’t uppermost in my thoughts earlier today…

So for once I’ll say thanks to the vagaries of the local power grid for helping me to focus on the moon this evening!


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