So fortunate…!

Day 22 SOL19

From the first tentative drawing and alphabet strokes, gripping the pencil as if one’s life depended on holding it tightly, tongue poked out, brow furrowed with effort, learning to finger space and write on the line ….


To  writing effortlessly in cursive,  using correct punctuation, composing short creative stories, understanding grammar points, able to read and write about topics like the environment and who Helen Keller and Julius Caesar were, editing and correcting one’s own mistakes, answering questions in written tests.

From sounding out the letters of the alphabet day after day, learning to read three letter words phonetically, confusing b with d, checking the picture above the word for understanding, trying to read phonemes and digraphs, learning the names of colours and the days of the week, following words with a finger….


To reading chapter books fluently without the help of pictures, scanning and picking out facts from non-fiction material, doing a word or fact search on Google, discussing the characters and plot of a reader with a partner or your teacher.

From speaking in short phrases, “Me done”, “Me want”, only able to answer with a single word, “Yes” or “No”, learning a new word and forgetting it the next day, speaking in a mumble in front of the class, head bowed, having vocabulary repeated on a daily basis and taking days to learn it properly…

To answering questions with understanding, giving opinions clearly and boldly, explaining situations and incidents in complete sentences and performing skits and songs confidently in front of an audience.

From counting on one’s fingers and taking weeks to learn the numbers up to twenty, using manipulative tools to add and subtract, trying to match numbers with patterns and recognise different shapes.

To knowing math tables by heart, how to do long division and mental math, how to problem solve, understand fractions and decimals, basic geometry, LCM and HCF, simple algebra and how to read charts and data.


From fidgeting and restless to engaged, confident and wanting to concentrate.


These are the delights of watching each child’s progress through his or her primary years. Surely nothing can be more satisfying!


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