Best Job Ever!

Day 24 SOL19

I remember the moment, I remember the day when everything changed and we became entirely responsible for another person.

I remember waiting and thinking is this it? Or should we wait a little longer?

I remember thinking, how much worse can these pains get and NO, I am not going to use gas or an injection to help me out, but yes, you can break my waters as this is taking a loooong time!

I remember the doctor coming into the ward later (as a public patient, she wasn’t there for the actual birth and he was delivered by a midwife) and saying, “My goodness, 4 kilos (8 lbs 13oz) and you pushed him out all by yourself!” Yep, I sure did!

I remember our first special connection when he looked into my eyes sometime during that first night and I knew that he knew me.

I remember the sleepless nights and frazzled, exhausted, love-filled, challenging days as we learned how to look after such a helpless little being.

I remember him learning to walk just before his first birthday and the first time he went down a slope too fast and I was too far away to catch him as he inevitably stumbled and fell.

I remember when he first slept through the night, when I stopped breastfeeding him and the day he banged on the toilet door to let me know he wanted to use the toilet. Yes, I do have one child who toilet trained HIMSELF before the age of two!

I remember when we told him about me having another baby and he used to have little pretend babies that he held in his hands and carried around, then ‘put’ them into a cupboard and shut the door firmly, when he got bored of them. (Imagine if that really was a possibility?!)

I remember a little brother yelling with frustration when big brother ran off to play. I remember the fun they had together when little brother FINALLY decided it was time to catch up with his brother and start to walk. They nearly always played outside. Way before the invention of PCs, ipads, video games, mobile phones and other stultifying media devices!

I remember his first day at school just after his sister had been born, when his teacher had to prise him out of my hands and coax him into the classroom. I remember him learning to catch a public bus to and from school and coming home and telling me so many stories. He was always interested in all his fellow students and teachers.

I remember his routine of coming home after school, after our twin daughters were born and taking it in turns to hold one on his hip while keeping an eye on his other sisters and brother, so I could cook dinner.

I remember a loving, thoughtful, cheerful and very smart boy who has grown into a delightful, warm and compassionate man with a wonderful wife and three sons of his own. Knowing him makes life feel so good!

Our son turns forty today, so I’ve been a mum for forty years! I can truthfully say it’s the best job I’ve EVER had!





14 thoughts on “Best Job Ever!

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! All the anaphora is such a powerful unifying technique: I remember, remember, remember. Happy Birthday to your son, and truly to you, too.(The mother-son photo is priceless.)

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  2. I was so caught up in the memories that felt familiar to me…and then shocked into reality that my beautiful, now 13 year old, will one day be 40. As will his two younger siblings. Your writing took me back, brought me inside and, at the end, thrust me forward. Thank you.

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  3. What a wonderful, loving post. I love the way you wrote it (anaphora really works here) and I love the emotions behind it. I also really appreciate that you still feel this way as your son turns 40. Makes me feel better about watching my little guys grow.

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  4. Such a lovely post. I also thought the structure was so strong. The whole piece had a feel of nostalgia for those young years and memories and an equally strong joy in the present that made it so hopeful and positive to read.

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