Anyone for speedgolf?

Day 28 SOL19

Our younger son has always been a sportsman and a natural comedian. He makes me laugh a lot, although his humour can be frustrating, especially when he doesn’t give you a straight answer.

He is a maths and PE teacher at a boys’ high school and I’ve seen how the students really admire him and enjoy having him as a teacher. He has played and coached a variety of sports over the years, in and out of school, including rugby, Australian rules football, soccer, tennis and golf. He also loves running.

The sport he loves more than any other is golf which he took up about ten years ago and plays whenever he gets the chance. His handicap is not great, despite putting in as much practice as possible while being a husband, dad to three small boys and a teacher.

A few years ago, he discovered a form of the game called speedgolf, so now he combines his running skills with his lesser ability to hit the ball! The final score takes into account both the time taken to complete the course plus the number of shots played.

So when he goes for practice, it’s usually early in the morning, as he needs to be the first person out on the course, so his round doesn’t get held up by others! He has taken part in a 100 holes in a day competition to raise money for charity a couple of times. He holds the record for the fastest round in that event to date. Last year he attempted to do 150 holes in the one day, but that proved just beyond his reach.

He recently took part in a Speedgolf Open international competition held over two days. His combined times were the fastest overall (even faster than the winner) but his total number of shots let him down.

I know he can be determined and focused when needed, so I’m sure he’s going to get better scores in the future!


Two of his sons are also showing signs of following in his footsteps. For his third birthday, Henry just wanted to play 18 holes of golf. And he did!


9 thoughts on “Anyone for speedgolf?

  1. I hadn’t heard about that adaptation of golf. It certainly adds another level to the challenge and of course, more physical exercise. Sounds like it is becoming a family sport.

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  2. I have never heard of speedgolf – what a concept! I am so, so, so bad at golf; I took it as a required PE course and the instructor told me I looked like I was chopping wood … I admire the grace of skilled golfers, however. Adding speed – wow, that really raises the bar!

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