Thanks for the Ride!

Day 31 SOL 19

It has been such a fun month and I’ve so appreciated being stretched to write every day, sometimes with ease, sometimes with difficulty. I have looked forward to reading comments from other slicers and in turn enjoyed leaving comments on as many of their slices as possible….power and internet supplies permitting! THANK YOU everyone!

Right now, we’ve just had a massive storm and the internet is switched off for fear of lightning strikes, but I’ve finally realised I can hotspot my laptop from my phone…! Better get this done before my 4G connection disappears too!

So on reflection, this month has been a bit like travelling along a highway, never quite sure what’s around the next bend or over the rise ahead. In light of that I felt to share some of the sights from our trip home earlier today.

We drive 50 miles along a two way (not two lane) road but it is still a highway, part of the country’s National Highway 44…It used to be mostly potholes, but now thankfully it is almost all black top.

On our way out of town, we came across a yellow road sign that read – “DON’T GOSSIP, LET HIM DRIVE”… haven’t noticed it before, so the preconceived notion made me smile.

A little while later we drove “through” a group of boys playing cricket, the game was being played DIAGONALLY across the highway … when a car came along they just moved the stumps and stopped bowling till it had passed.

Next we came up behind two scruffy black sheep standing on top of a Mahindra jeep, in its roof rack, the poor things had a lot of difficulty negotiating the bends …I love the book Sheep in a Jeep but had no idea it could be literal.

Shortly after we negotiated a cow standing and blocking one entire laneway while her companion lay on the verge chewing her cud …. over here people often refer to cows and buffaloes as ‘speed breakers’.

We saw many groups of little girls in red, pink and blue, chiffony dresses, fluffy enough to make Barbie envious and accessorised with lacy socks and shiny shoes, striding out to church with their families along the rubbish strewn footpaths.

IMG_E0928 (2)

Every so often, we drove past young goats nibbling, headbutting and prancing along the sides of the road, sometimes darting across, but they are nimble and gracefully avoid any oncoming vehicles.


At one point we met a couple of laboriously plodding buffaloes (every step looks to be such an effort for these beasts) slouching along the roadside with their driver … in this region buffaloes are mainly used to pull logs off the steep hillsides using a yoke and chains, but the two we passed were on their way home.


It is inevitable that you will overtake several broken down trucks, usually taking up most of one lane and often on a blind corner. How to tell that they’re broken down … check for a bush or leafy branch sticking out from the side of the vehicle closest to you.


(Not my photo, but spot the branch?!)

So here’s to all our journeys along life’s highway and that we all may continue to look for the “road less travel’d by”…..




6 thoughts on “Thanks for the Ride!

  1. What a journey! And that, of course, makes it a great metaphor for this month. There really is so much for us to notice, isn’t there? Hope that you will keep slicing on Tuesdays. I’ll look for you there.

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  2. I have so enjoyed traveling this month with you! You are right, March Writing is like a highway journey with all its turns and potholes. Glad we arrived at the end and can now rejoice!

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  3. I have so enjoyed your slices and learning more about how life happens on the other side of the world. Thank you for slicing and know prayers are sent your way for the work you are doing!

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