Unexpected Visitors!

This story just fell into my lap. I was walking down the main street of our little town yesterday to do some shopping. We are the only ‘white’ people here and I was surprised to see two foreigners riding past on bikes….BIKES! Where had they come from…?

I asked the question when I caught up to them as they stopped at a shop in front of me. We’ve come from Bangkok, they told me, we’re riding back to Germany. I was in awe. They had already biked 8,000 km (4,000 miles) since they started last October to here.

Where are you staying tonight? I asked.

We will stop and put a tent up somewhere out of town.

Would you like a bed for the night?

They thought that sounded great.

We had visitors!

We’ve had a fun day filled with laughter and exchanged dozens of stories. They’re going to stay at least one more night.

The kids at school have been over the moon, they love visitors and we hadn’t even announced these ones were coming! They’ve watched them demonstrate how to put up their tent, even tried out their bike. They’ve asked countless questions and enjoyed meeting people from a part of the world they will probably never get to visit.


Nothing quite like unexpected visitors!


8 thoughts on “Unexpected Visitors!

  1. Incredible, isn’t it? How we meet people and they become part of our lives? My niece and her husband biked across the US from Astoria, OR to Virginia Beach. Quite an adventure. I can only imagine what it is like to do so crossing country borders, with different languages, currency, food, customs, etc. Quite vulnerable on a bike and in a tent but certainly close to the people.

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  2. What a great story – their journey in and of itself is fascinating, and the serendipity of their riding by as you were there – and then staying with you and talking to the students. Wonderful!

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