A Juicy Shoe Polish…

Day 1 SOLC 20

The prosaic act of dipping a sponge into some shoe polish this morning brought me my first slice for this month! Probably slightly dates me too, as I’m not sure who polishes their shoes these days even if they are leather?! This exact shade of red took me a while to track down in the shops, which is probably an indication that shoe polish is not in great demand these days.

Usually I dab it on in a hurry as I’m always midrush to do something else and polishing shoes is a bit of a chore after all.


But today was a sunny Sunday morning. As I scooped out a tiny dip of polish, I noticed the name morello cherry.  And just like that I was melted into a world of colour that filled me with pleasure.

A scoop of joy; a delicious drippy mouthful of juice; the deep sheen on those delicate little spheres of fruit!

I took a quick look at some exotic colours on Google and came up with some dreamfilled ones, like sassy grass pearlbahama blue and neon carrot!

Now my shoes are shining and my mind is alight with waterfalls of colour!


10 thoughts on “A Juicy Shoe Polish…

  1. Oh my, did this ever take me back to childhood, watching my dad polish his work shoes (I can smell it as I write). I also had to use white polish on my saddle oxfords – gosh, haven’t thought of those in forever. There’s got to be a slice in it … those color names are just glorious. I am smiling at how one simple, mundane act parked your curiosity and led you to the “waterfalls of colour” (and my dad would say shiny shoes are IMPORTANT!).

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  2. I didn’t realize that shoe polish had names like that! I am always envious of the person who’s job is to come up with the names for nail polish- my personal favorite red is “Not Just a Waitress”. I guess the polish industry is more creative that one might imagine. Love this!

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  3. The name of mine would be “boring black” I suppose but a friend recently told me I need to polish mine. I love my work/dress shoes but have definitely not polished them (or any shoe for that matter). Thanks for the reminder – you made it actually sound both fun and satisfying!

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