Fireman, fireman, what’s your…..?

Slice of Life Day 2#

Reading Tammy’s slice yesterday about 36 questions to ask, brought back one of my sweetest school moment memories from last year. (

We don’t have many places in this little town (in north east rural India) where kids can visit for an excursion, no museum, no art gallery, nothing super interesting, but we did manage three or four outings for different classes in 2019. The one that was brought to my mind by Tammy’s slice, was a visit to the local fire station which happened towards the end of last year.


Our KG teacher organised the outing, so she took twenty little kids with her and a couple of the other teachers. Turns out the men were very excited, because of course no other school has ever come there to find out how everything works! They laid out all the equipment and talked at some length about what happens if there is a fire, they sounded the siren on the fire truck and unrolled giant water hoses and displayed uniforms for various firefighting situations.

At the end of the demonstration the man in charge enquired, “So are there any questions?”

Now these kids were aged six to seven years old and had been taught a little bit about how to think of interesting questions, so one little girl put up her hand and asked,

“What’s your favourite colour?”

Then another took courage and ventured, “What do you do at the weekend?”


Every time I think of these queries, it brings a smile to my face. I’m pretty sure firemen don’t usually get asked such delightful questions!!



16 thoughts on “Fireman, fireman, what’s your…..?

  1. Aren’t little kids the best? They saw the firefighters as PEOPLE and approached them that way, story-to-story. I love this memory. (Tammy will give us lots of inspiration this month. That I’m sure of.) Thanks for the memory—and the photos!

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  2. Oh your post brought a smile to my face and a laugh too. It’s a reminder of the small things, the details like enjoying favorite colors or time away from our desks are most important. Thanks for sharing a lovely moment that many times as teachers we think we know what’s most important, and interesting, when we are in fact, oblivious. Going to take a moment today to think of some delightful moments like yours.

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  3. I once had a child ask me if he could sharpen his pencil while I was choking in front of a room full of parents on Parent Visitation Day. Thanks for stirring up those funny moment memories. Great Slice!

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  4. This really is quite charming! I love the honesty and the sincerity of the kids, as well as the good humor of the fire fighters to play along. Thank you for taking us along on this memory!

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  5. Oh my goodness! That first question made me laugh out loud. How I love all the various ways people in this post – from children to teachers to firemen – were excited about an outing. Learning, connection, community – what a wonderful post.

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