Have you heard of this sport….?

Slice of Life Challenge Day 3#

Have you ever heard of ultimate frisbee as a sport? Well I hadn’t until yesterday, when our latest cycling couple landed on our doorstep (ie where we run our little school in northeast India). Seems we’re currently on the route between Nepal and Myanmar and cycling is the new ‘way to go’ method of travel! More of that in another slice I’m sure….

Apart from all arriving on bikes, the couples and singles (twelve to date) who’ve been through so far, have had diverse interests. Most are pretty good at some kind of sport, which varies from ironman triathlon, to rugby, to kayaking and now ultimate frisbee!


In brief, it’s a fast moving seven a side, non contact sport, where you catch the frisbee and are not allowed to move with it, so teamwork is essential!


Our younger students who could barely handle a ball just a few weeks ago at the start of our school year, are now learning how to throw and catch a frisbee.

Who would have thought such stimulating opportunities could become available in a remote little corner of India?!


8 thoughts on “Have you heard of this sport….?

  1. Your stories of this remote region and the joys over simple things like this strike a deep chord in my heart. I think of the Frisbee as being a metaphor for the children – just beginning to soar in new ways. They are so beautiful – and I cannot help noticing the dog in the middle of it all! I am sure he wanted to play, too.

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  2. I love that I just stumbled upon a story from India! Ultimate Frisbee is big in my cousins family! When they got married 20 plus years ago, they gave frisbees as thank you gifts and we actually played at the reception! Games have a way of pulling people together! Love the pictures!

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  3. How great that your kids get this gift from people passing through on two wheels. I love the photos, too. Frisbee “golf” is big here, two actual courses situated in the woods. Thanks for sharing another great story from your school in India.

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