Oh, no, don’t let me be misunderstood..!?

SOL Challenge Day 5#

This will be a short post. I hope I can capture this particular moment …..

I try to keep my conversation simple at school but at times, certain idioms or expressions escape when I’m not really thinking….

For example, I was walking down the pathway the other day, as some kids were arriving to start the school day and one little boy was racing up towards me.

“Hi, Celia,” he called out and I returned the greeting as he whizzed by. Moments later, his older brother came panting up the path…

“Hi, Haban,” I smiled, “So your little brother beat you today!”

A while later, I reran the comment through my mind…oh bother, he probably thought I meant his brother had hit him! No wonder, he looked at me with a slight question mark in his eyes!








8 thoughts on “Oh, no, don’t let me be misunderstood..!?

  1. I hope you do not ruminate about this too much. I can see the problem with the language/word usage but it also presents an opportunity for you to explain how words have multiple meanings! I enjoyed your moment! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Oh…oops! I have to admit I’ve made plenty of mistakes like that myself. I figure I set myself a 17-mistake-a-day quota. Which I quite regularly blow by before noon. Guess it’s more material for stories…?

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