Sunshine laughter…

Slice of Life #Day 6

I read the word sunshine on someone’s posting and that was it, my title complete and an unexpected adjective into the bargain!


I just love the laughter of kids!

It puts a sparkle into any day and helps to shift the clouds. Today was a very annoying kind of day, filled with unexpected outside of school problems and a certain amount of anxiety, but when I heard their laughter drifting over the breeze and the giggles of glee as they tried to catch a frisbee thrown too high, stretched to climb up still higher  on the tree ropes or spun someone high on the tyre swing, the sky looked just that touch bluer.


It uplifts you with the fresh delight of realising that children know how to enjoy life freely and vigorously and they love to laugh! These kids don’t have much in their lives and yet their merriment fills me up over and over again.



15 thoughts on “Sunshine laughter…

  1. I echo your love of laughter. You so poignantly describe the boost of joyful kids when you write, “It puts the sparkle into any day and helps to shift the clouds.” I have had those days filled with “outside of school problems” and the anxiety that all-too-often accompanies them, not to mention those periods during a day as a substitute that threaten to send me running back home. Then I get a class—it was period 3 last month—that makes me smile, glad I’m doing this work…still. All they have to do is be their silly, kind, crazy, energetic middle school selves, and the day takes a welcome turn. I love this post!

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  2. Good Morning, Live Life! I couldn’t think of a better time to share this joy! Our world is so filled with fear and anxiety right now because of what’s going on, but in their innocence, our children are unafraid of the ills that leave us sleepless at night.

    How beautiful is their “merriment,” and you have captured it eloquently. Thank you so much for sharing this and reminding us that we should breathe and enjoy the lives we live. ~Carla Michelle

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