A sweetly illustrated recount…

Slice of Life Challenge Day 9#

After being put on hold, or told the line was busy, or my call had failed yet again, about 95 times, as I tried to reroute part of our flight back to Australia for our daughter’s wedding next month (two legs cancelled, due I’m sure to the corona virus)…. this was about all I had the energy to post this afternoon….




Kids with their weekend recounts and charming illustrations… they delight me whatever else might be going on!


15 thoughts on “A sweetly illustrated recount…

  1. Always good to keep our eye on the ball–focus on what’s important and let the worry go. It is frustrating to have plans upended and more frustrating still to be unable to straighten things out in a timely fashion. I hope you get to the wedding.

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  2. It’s good you have students to help you regroup when you have so much going on in your personal life.

    I hope you are able to make it to the wedding. It’s my hunch that the right customer service representative will find a creative solution to help you get there.

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    1. Yes students can be a lifesaver (or the opposite when they cause the problems!). And yes, we will get there although the rerouting means flying to a different Indian city and cancelling domestic flights….so it’s kind of a creative solution from a different angle!


  3. I can only imagine the challenge of getting to and from a wedding in this age of “C” hysteria. I’m glad your students can help you to smile. I’ll say a prayer that you can make it to and from the wedding.

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  4. I think these writings and illustrations are adorable. I miss having tiny students of my own! I will settle for my four boys since I’ve come out of the classroom, lol. But I find these pieces of work so heartwarming, and I can see how they make everything right with your day.

    Writing is so powerful at every stage, but even more so with children. Because you know when they’re sharing with you, it is from a most genuine place. Thank you for sharing this with us. It has lifted my spirits. ~Carla Michelle


    1. Thanks, and yes, I’ve just rerouted our bookings and now hoping that first they let us out of the country to get to the wedding and then let us back in. There’s still five weeks to go, so no idea what stage the panic will be at by then!

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