Flowers that smile at you..!

Slice of Life challenge Day 11#

I love flowers, they make me smile…but these little daisies (I’m sure someone will be able to give them a name for me)…. they actually smile back at me!

Every night they put themselves to sleep. It even looks like they’re in bed, mainly because they have to live in this little kapok container because they just won’t survive being planted out in our garden area as the soil is so poor. So, a green-fingered friend grew them for us and then brought them over to the school for all of us to enjoy.

They really do close their eyes and snooze.


And then the next morning, not long after the sun’s warmth has touched their petals, there they are again, smiling brightly up at me!



17 thoughts on “Flowers that smile at you..!

  1. I also love these. They look like a plant that go by many names: Ice plant, stone plant, carpet weed – but much too pretty to be a weed. I love your description of them going to sleep. Enjoy their smile today!

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  2. You have given your readers a reason to smile. I am so not a gardener, but when I see the wonder on the faces of these little kapok-bedded flowers, I question why not.

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  3. Dear Livinglife,

    Oh how you’ve made me covet your little green children! I am wishing that I had some of my own on my back deck. While I don’t have a green thumb at all, I made my first attempt at growing a few things when I moved to Colorado a year and a half ago. I loved watering them daily, watching them stretch their stems to the warming sunshine.

    But this phenomenon that you’ve so beautifully captured is just endearing! It gives a quality of life to them that seems almost humanizing. Sleeping and rising to share the same sun, sigh. This is one of my favorite posts. Thank you for the photos that bring your lyrics to life!


    Can’t wait until I can grow things again (I lost my tiny plants to the snow!)

    With Warmest Regards,

    ~Carla Michelle

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      1. Oh wow! Really?! It was certainly worth it to me. I am eager to plant again. It was a joy to watch, nurture and harvest my own basil. You happily reminded me of the joys of gardening, even if I am very much a novice!

        And quite frankly, I could really use some more happiness at the moment! I had to turn off my TV today – yeesh!

        Thanks for this heartwarming, but very welcome distraction!


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