Rats are coffee lovers?

Slice of Life Challenge Day 13#

We order 2 kilos of coffee beans every 5 weeks or so, from a coffee supplier down south where a lot of excellent coffee is grown. It’s really economical and comes by registered post, so usually arrives safe and sound after about a week or so. I can even track it en route.

I placed our last order in plenty of time. It reached Guwahati (in Assam and about a three hour drive from the capital here) on Saturday 29th February, so I thought by Tuesday it’ll be at our local post office. However, there has been a lot of unrest in the capital and throughout the country, over a government bill that the locals see as discriminating. so a curfew was imposed in town that weekend and the army was also called in as three people were killed.

So the coffee beans sat down there, on the plains in Guwahati, until last Saturday, when curfews were lifted and the mail started getting through again. Our local post office called me on Monday to say the parcel had arrived and I went to pick it up.

It’s hard to get much of a positive response from the postal workers here, but I noticed the girl who was sent to fetch the package seemed reluctant to look for it and was eyeing the lady in charge as if trying to convey some sort of message.

In the end she came over to me and asked, “Do you want to take delivery of this?” Only then did she thrust a torn and mangled parcel across the counter. I was a bit stunned because I could see there it contained much less coffee than it should.  I had no choice though, because we were about to grind the last of our remaining beans at home. I signed and took delivery feeling slightly irritated.

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On reaching home, I discovered that one of the 2 silver foil packets had a large chewed hole in one corner and about two dozen coffee beans floating around inside. We’ve had a similar hole once before, when a delivery was held up and it obviously sat in a rat inhabited location, but that packet was still almost full on delivery. I figured that the rats down in Guwahati decided they didn’t care for coffee beans.


Apparently I was wrong!


21 thoughts on “Rats are coffee lovers?

  1. Yikes! I have never heard of such a thing. I am so sorry this happened! May your future beans be untainted and bring you more pleasure than problems! Imagine that. Rats who cope with caffeine. That’s crazy!

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  2. Nice post! Reminded me of being in the jungle years ago. One night a bunch of ferrets tore into our packs. In the morning we found they only ate one thing, just the desserts! They didn’t take anything but the sweets. Animals sometimes are much smarter than we give them credit for!


  3. I saw your post today and so had to go back and read this. Oh my! That is crazy. I guess we are all acting out of character these days, rats included!

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