My Love Affair with Cardboard Boxes!

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 16

They’re rather dull and unassuming, so when another slicer (Paula Bourque) posted a slice challenging us to think of something very ordinary that we use every day, it took me a while to figure out what I do use on a daily basis and take for granted. Then I suddenly remembered… cardboard boxes…!

Every time we go into the capital to shop for provisions we can’t source here, we stock up necessary items that will last for several weeks. Then the shop packs everything into one or two cardboard boxes. Sometimes their quality is pathetic, but usually they are strong enough to hold a good amount of books. As I don’t have any fancy plastic containers or many shelves in our little classrooms, I resort to boxes. They have been an indispensable part of our school for over ten years!


Sometimes I jazz them up a bit with laminated photos or students’ artwork, on their exposed sides, but occasionally they continue to advertise whatever was previously packed inside.


Every now and then I discard some, whenever they become too saggy and warped and frayed around the corners, by the weight of books being shoved back into them by overeager students. Even more rarely, one box will get picked up and its whole bottom will collapse and all its contents tumble out, to shrieks of laughter.


Over the weekend I set up another little library corner for our older students to do their Daily Five during library time and the students’ recently painted sunsets transformed the nook into a winter wonderland!


Yes, I love boxes and I just realised that they’re very eco friendly (hope I’m correct in that assumption!) I may drool over insta pictures of teachers with their shiny rainbow assortment of see through plastic containers, but they are not biodegradable!

So it’s not just cats who love boxes!




12 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Cardboard Boxes!

  1. A hundred times YES! We love boxes in our household (or should I say my son loves them). They have become forts and treasure troves and robots and book carriers. I love the Winter Wonderland Book Nook you got going. Thank you for the reminder about boxes!

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  2. YES!!!! Boxes are magical-they can transform into just about anything our imagination conjures up. I love how you captured that with pictures and words. I’m glad my shopping bag post inspired you to share this super creative use of the humble cardboard box!!

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  3. Oh, I am a cardboard box person myself. A box and a good imagination can open up a world of creative form and function which you have put to great use here! Well done!


  4. Love this! It’s like an activity I do with my young poets – writing an ode to something that’s generally overlooked and underappreciated.

    Thanks for this slice!

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  5. HA! Cardboard boxes are the best! I swear our daughter lived in a cardboard box at the age of 2. We have so many boxes from buying furniture at that time. She coloured inside all of the boxes for hours at a time!
    I love your creative use of materials in your classroom!

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