Some delightful pages …!

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 20

As requested (by someone!) a few delightful pages written at home by some of our students that I had the pleasure of reading through and correcting today….


This was one of my favourites today, especially the birds twittering and the rooster cock-a-del-del-du-ing! She’s succeeded in putting her verbs in the past tense too! Impressive!

IMG_1928 (1)

From a younger student so the tenses are a bit hit and miss. Such a sweet thought to give the flower to her mum….


Enjoyed the imagination here and the picture of a ‘bottle of fishes’.


Let’s finish off on a story with a strong moral code! The writer is telling us about a chicken with white feathers that she found on her way home and wanted to keep, but mum explained the consequences to her!



8 thoughts on “Some delightful pages …!

  1. Man, I love the authentic writing here. You gave the classic prompt, “Tell me more<" and look what happened. This is delightful. I'm also a fan of "bottle of fishes."

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    1. Yes, their English is pretty good, apart from tenses and lack of vocabulary. Yes what they eat for breakfast is mainly carbs, would you ever eat rice and potatoes? They do here and so much rice I don’t know where they fit it as they’re very small overall!

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