Does anything matter in the same way now..?

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 21

Last night when I cut the top of my thumb quite deeply while I was slicing some vegetables, it didn’t seem to have the same impact as other times. I quickly ran it under cold water, applied pressure, bound it tightly with a hanky (probably not meant to use those any more, but I still do and it was handy right then!) and then lifted it above my head (following my daughter’s nursing advice for cut fingers).

It had started to bleed quite profusely and was hurting for a while, but then it stopped almost immediately and the pain went. I regarded it with some puzzlement. Normally I would be rejoicing that all my know how tricks had worked and that a silly mistake was going to be okay and would heal.


This is definitely not the usual thumbs up emoji signal!

Now all I can think about is that I want to get out of here in two weeks time and back for our daughter’s wedding. All the country’s airports are closed to international flights for a week from 22nd March. Will they reopen after that?


24 thoughts on “Does anything matter in the same way now..?

  1. That poor thumb’s up … it’s a meme for us all at the moment! Doing the best we can with life as we know it being cut … I have thought a lot about weddings lately, how some are being postponed, etc. “Does anything matter in the same way anymore?” – indeed. Some things matter far less, some matter so much more. Here’s to your quick healing and being able to get to the wedding and back.

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    1. Thanks, as I’ve said in other replies we have to wait till 31st March and then the government could extend it depending on the situation in 9 days time. It’s a lot of waiting and will there even be a flight? My thumb is healing well thanks!

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  2. The changes we have had to make in our lives has taken its toll on so many of us. Here’s hoping travel bans will be lifted so that you can make your daughter’s wedding. I think a bandaged thumbs up says so much about these times.

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  3. A bittersweet “thumbs up” adds a lot to this post. And your daughter’s a nurse, so there’s that in your brain, too. My fingers are crossed for you and the wedding!

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    1. Thanks…. the one getting married is not the nurse in case that’s what you thought! At the moment it looks like her wedding will be extremely small but we still want to be there. Another 12 to 13 days of waiting to see if the government will let us out and there is a flight to get on!


  4. Oh, wow! What a day! I don’t know what the future holds, but I do hope that you’ll be able to witness that moment, one way or another! Glad your quick thinking was very effective, and I wish you the best for both your family and your new loved ones. Cheers to you :o)

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