Today I choose to remember…..

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 24

Today I realise we are here for the foreseeable future, no way out, all flights cancelled as well as public transport and a virtual lockdown nationwide.

I will choose to remember the rays of sunshine peeping over the hill’s horizon and opening up our smiley flowers.

I will choose to watch the little bees buzzing slowly and with great concentration, sipping nectar from the centre of those opened petals.

I will choose to remember the sweet twittering refrain of the birds early this morning and again this evening, because it is so much quieter than usual. When I look up they are bustling in a small cloud of fluttering wings around the treetops.

I will choose to remember our small resident squirrel scuttering quick, slow, quick, quick, slow across the road, up our neighbour’s steps and then flowing effortlessly up into a tree in the school grounds. I’ve never seen him so out in the open for so long before.

I will choose to remember we have a dog and a cat here who are always available for petting, stroking, cuddles and conversations.

I will choose to remember my students’ sweet faces and their laughter spinning out across the playground and hope I get to see them again before too long.



We are blessed!





21 thoughts on “Today I choose to remember…..

    1. Hopefully a wedding in a registry office next month, if they don’t close that too! Her fiancé is from the US so needs the certificate for his visa, but these are extraordinary times! All flights in India off until the end of April at least….so stuck here!! Celebrations should be rescheduled at the end of the year…

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  1. Those precious faces! I have chills. I do feel somewhat sorry for those who have no pets available for free therapy “…petting, stroking, cuddles and conversations.” Let those echoes of laughter “spinning out across the playground” carry you hopefully forward.

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  2. Blessed, indeed! I am inspired by your active decision to focus on the beauty around you. This post sustains me; I hope it will sustain you, too, in moments where making this decision is harder. There is so much good.

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  3. Although restraints have been put on us we choose our attitude. Like you, I choose positive over negative. I choose all I have over what I can’t do and places I cant go. I choose to enjoy life as it is and not dwell of what it was. We are all truly blessed.

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  4. “Choose to remember” is such an interesting and unusual phrasing. We often claim what we will remember while knowing how flawed our memories can become over time. Choosing to remember embraces the agency we have to focus on particular feelings, experiences, images. Thank you for this fresh perspective.

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I’m trying to figure out how the phrase popped into my mind. I started to write a slice that was rubbish and then that phrase was just …there and the whole flow changed just like that.


  5. I was hoping things would change sooner for you and your daughter more than for any other situation I have heard about in this situation. I admire you for choosing to see the best around you instead of the negative you could so easily concentrate on. Keep looking for that sunshine and blue skies.

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    1. Thank you. It has been a sad time, I think it’s saddest for my daughter as she has waited years for this moment and it’s been snatched from her so suddenly. I was there for the planning and looking at venues (it was only going to be very small) and never dreamed it would vanish or that we’d be stuck here half way across the world. They will hopefully get married in a registry office next month as long as they stay open, as her fiancé is from the US, so needs to renew his visa! Hopefully celebrations at the end of the year…!

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  6. Oh, the power of choice is so important and so often forgotten. I’m so sorry about your daughter’s wedding plans. My son and his fiancee were supposed to get married on May 30th, but that’s looking increasingly unlikely. We’ll just look to even more meaningful celebrations at a different time, I guess. Keep choosing to see those smiling flowers, to hear those birds and to find the beauty that surrounds you. Take care!

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