Meet Honnette, a story of love and survival….

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 27

I hope this story will encourage everyone to realise that even though the odds seem stacked against us, it is possible to overcome!


Let me introduce you to Honnette from Burundi. This darling little girl was born almost a year ago on March 29th. Her twin did not survive and she was brought to the clinic where our daughter Ruth was working as a volunteer midwife for just over a year. When she arrived she was about a month old and her prognosis was not good.

She weighed 1.25 kg (that’s less than 3 pounds) and her heart rate was very low for a baby. Her mum was trying to breastfeed her but couldn’t produce enough milk.

So she was given a nasogastric tube and fed with formula every two hours round the clock, with mum continuing to breastfeed her as well. She also had an infection and was being given antibiotics. Many people were praying for her, but no one was sure whether she would survive.


My daughter caring for teeny tiny Honnette.


It was touch and go for a while but slowly she started to gain weight.


The local nurses also learnt how to give nasogastric feeds and the clinic was able to locate a better type of formula designed for premature babies.


Her mum was allowed to take her home after six weeks at the clinic when her weight had stabilised at 2 kg (4 and a half pounds).


The family was supplied with formula by the clinic and continued to breastfeed her as much as she was able. She brought her back to the clinic for regular checkups and Ruth and other staff made occasional home visits.

Just check out those liquid eyes and that smile! Despite her minute frame, this girl sure knows how to fight!


She is still very small for her age but is healthy and thriving and about to celebrate her first birthday.

Happy birthday sweet Honnette!


It’s so true that love can overcome, again and again…!





16 thoughts on “Meet Honnette, a story of love and survival….

  1. Oh, my heart -! That baby – beautiful, tiny baby! She seems to grow more beautiful each each day – the photos are just gorgeous. “Liquid eyes,” indeed. They pierce my heart but at the same time, my heart rejoices at this story of overcoming. That smile -! Happy, happy birthday, Honette – you are a gift to the world and so is everyone who has helped you.

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  2. You have the best stories to hearten us. The mom and her baby? Simply beautiful. Your daughter has chosen a profession that saves lives and enriches immeasurably. The difference between the fourth photo with the mother looking on completely worried and the ones that follow her expression joyous…priceless.

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  3. Beautiful story and beautiful baby. Happy Birthday, sweet Honnette. Thank you for sharing it put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart knowing there that there are such good people out there helping others.

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  4. Oh! My heart is singing! Those eyes – that sweet little girl! I am overwhelmed by the story of her survival – of how she was able to teach other nurses how to help – of how she is growing and thriving. Happy birthday, Honette!

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