When shopping became better than Netflix!

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 29

A dear friend of mine in Australia posted this on her facebook page yesterday and as I’m not in Australia right now or able to enjoy the current highs and lows of supermarket shopping anywhere, I asked her permission to use it for my slice today. She’s a wonderful writer and being a photographer as well, her photos have just captured the moment so perfectly!

Thanks, Anna, I think your shopping expedition is going to put a smile on a few faces today!

Saturday 28 March, 2020

Three weeks ago grocery shopping was boring. Three weeks ago I would write a meal plan, order the groceries online, get them delivered to my door while in my pyjamas, and maybe have a little whinge because they made a bad substitution choice.

Now going to Coles is better than a blockbuster thriller! You literally don’t know what’s going to be around the next corner. You thought you were having Spag Bog tonight, but think again, now it’s curried lentils on cauliflower rice!! You thought you were going to have to resort to using the shower after the toilet, but then you round the bend on aisle 11 and lo and behold, there is a mountain of 3 ply purple goodness, glimmering like an oasis in the desert. I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of the shops with such a sense of victory!!

There is nothing like scarcity to revive a heart of gratitude. In a land of plenty, I’m truly thankful for the reminder of how blessed we are.

anna 1

anna 2

anna 3

Meanwhile we just baked and had a slice each of our second home made loaf, possibly even better than the first one?!


The mug was my attempt to show that this is a very decent sized loaf.



16 thoughts on “When shopping became better than Netflix!

  1. I’m off to the grocery store today, now with a new frame of mind. I’m James Bond on a mission. Thanks to you and your Australian friend for the boost.

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  2. I only have one question. What’s a “Spag Bog?” (I do know lentils and rice!) thanks also for the parting loaf with scale mug. Fun post, just as you promised.

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  3. Celia, I feel really honoured. To be quoted by a lady with an incredible way with words is humbling. And that bread loaf is VERY impressive. All our love from our household to your household, Anna xxx

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