We’ve worked hard on this one….!

Slice of Life Challenge #Day30

We’ve been working hard over these past eight weeks to put this together.


Every student in the school had a hand in painting some part of it.



Of course, they didn’t know how it was all going to come together and neither did I really!



Kindergarten classes painted giant flowers and other classes painted a town backdrop loosely based on brightly coloured Russian styled architecture.

IMG_8652 (1)

IMG_8654 (1)

I even managed to include a few owls in a woodland setting.

Last week when the school had to close, I laminated and joined all the artwork up and it started to look promising. I then stapled it as a mural to the outside wall of one of our classrooms.



Even if I say so myself, it’s stunningly bright and eyecatching! Unfortunately the shine caused by the lamination makes it hard to photograph successfully.



Now I’m attaching photos of all our students, teachers, ex-students, visitors, anyone who has had anything to do with the school in random places…. it will be a kind of photo hide and seek, because these kids love to spot themselves and others in photos…!

The only question is….. when will they back to see the finished mural?


10 thoughts on “We’ve worked hard on this one….!

  1. What a great school community effort. I can imagine the smiling faces as students spot themselves and those they know. This will be a great welcome sight when they can once again get back to school.

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  2. This is just lovely! And what a great idea to include the kids’ pictures. You’re right. They will love seeing themselves. I hope they get to do so soon.

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