Like a dreamy, ethereal silken scarf, time just floats by …

This past week seems to have wafted by in a smoky swirl of undefined vagueness. The edges of time seem to be slowly sliding into each other…

I know it’s Tuesday but where exactly did all those other days go…..

On one day we scooped and packed rations of rice, dahl, oil, sugar, potatoes and tea,

I watched ladies hoist laden bags onto their backs and trudge back to small, dark, badly ventilated homes, full of children,

Tender green corn is shooting from rich dark soil, sprouting skywards, in a way that didn’t happen last year…

A bush of rich red roses is blooming, each bud unfurling with a soft fragrant scent, its creamy yellow centre attracting small fuzzy bees and a lone butterfly,

Another day we handed out vegetables that keep well like carrots and beans, together with eggs,

We managed to secure a pass to drive to the capital and sourced more stocks, loaded sacks of provision into the vehicle and were able to chat with a couple of friends,

I listened to a heartbreakingly sad but true audiobook by a parent about the abuse of two of her daughters, which helped me to focus on the knowledge that this lockdown or self isolation isn’t really so bad,

But the nothingness and soft evaporation of these days is something I am still learning to work through…


10 thoughts on “Like a dreamy, ethereal silken scarf, time just floats by …

  1. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your part in helping others at this time. This very descriptive narrative helps us imagine what life is like for the people you write about, “I watched ladies hoist laden bags onto their backs and trudge back to small, dark, badly ventilated homes, full of children,” we experience their lives, now through your eyes. Thank you.

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  2. It is wonderful to see so many unsung heroes reaching out and helping those in need during this time. There is so much good in the world that in overshadowed by the bad. In these hard times these are the stories we need to hear.

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  3. Dear Living Life,

    How beautiful are the words that leap from your thoughts to worlds of cyber sophistication with such surrealness and simplicity. Even in depicting your pain, your poignance is so picturesque.

    Reading your work is like listening to lyrics. I resisted the urge to construct a mental literary lesson, as I couldn’t help but think of the richness of your vocabulary and the ripeness of your imagery – what a perfect lesson it would have been for my fourth graders over a decade ago.

    You capture anguish and despair in a way that is both harrowing and heartwarming. Your prose is a testament to your exceptional skill as a writer, every word strategically placed and genuinely felt. I am both honored and enchanted to read your work. Thank you for sharing your gift with each of us. ~Carla Michelle

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