Woohoo they did it…!

Our beautiful daughter and her wonderful man, they did it….!

In the weirdest circumstances ever with only three other persons allowed in the enormous room including the celebrant…!

They livestreamed it on youtube, so we were able to share lots of laughter, lots of fun, shots of them going up in the lift via a handheld laptop, we glimpsed a stunning view over the lovely Swan River, love heart stickers on the carpet, designating where the about-to-be married couple should stand…! Even if we couldn’t figure out the live chat option, we still shared the joy and light in this bubble of delight!

Miriam’s bouquet was elegantly fashioned from a neighbour’s exquisite ivory petalled roses by her sisters.


And they were allowed to hold hands and kiss at the end.

631A8458 (1)

YES THEY GOT MARRIED last Friday……………24/04/2020.

Even as I type it out, I realise how special that date looks, as it only needs two numbers and a zero!

8 thoughts on “Woohoo they did it…!

  1. Congratulations! I am so very glad you updated us. How wonderful the words: “…we still shared the joy and light in this bubble of delight.” How brave and life-affirming their decision to get and be married—the real journey before them. How wonderful it will be when you all are together again to celebrate with real hugs. All the best.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading about what getting married looks like at this time. It sounds like there were lots of ways it felt special, even with being physically distant. I love all the details you shared–the heart stickers letting them know where to stand is such a sweet touch, even as it’s such a sign of the times.

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