The m’s have it..Monday musings..

It’s Monday and it’s March, so for some reason the letter ‘m’ has been swirling around in my head all day. I have been debating some kind of theme to somehow thread this month together, so the thought of using a letter of the alphabet every day has crossed my mind (not in any particular order) so ‘m’ seems as good a letter as any to begin.

I enjoy the way the Roman alphabet is written, I appreciate the letters and their shapes and sounds. I have spent so much time in the past twelve years teaching phonics, that the ‘mmmm’ sound resonates as one of the easiest for kids to imitate and grasp. It’s soft and soothing and makes your lips a straight line that is so easy for kids to copy and remember. I have tried to learn a few other languages that use a different alphabet and I have NEVER said to myself, “Oh I love these letters and shapes, they make so much more sense than English.” I usually find them difficult to recall and write from memory and not particularly attractive as a script (with very many apologies to any non-English speakers who might read this and believe their alphabet is the best….it probably is…for you!)

Google calls ‘mmm’ an expression of ‘contentment or pleasure’ and it surely is. I love writing the letter ‘m’. It’s smooth and flowing without the need to lift pen or pencil off the paper, a double ‘n’, an upside down ‘w’. Or you can make it sharply stiff and resolutely bold, if it’s a capital letter, like a couple of upright mountains reaching for the clouds.

Thank you ‘M’, it’s been good to ponder on you today. I believe my Monday musings are complete!

23 thoughts on “The m’s have it..Monday musings..

  1. I love how you incorporated art into your post. The letter M is special to me because it’s my name initial and the first letter for 2 of my 3 daughters. It’s an early sound, so it boggles me that my grandson wouldn’t call my daughter (his aunt) Martha, but instead said, “Cecil.” I think I’ve found a slice for tomorrow. Ha! I remember now how you can find slices everywhere when you start looking. Have a great month!

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  2. Your art work of Ms is so lovely – your words + art together, making me “mmmmm” right along with you. I just love this line: “It’s soft and soothing and makes your lips a straight line that is so easy for kids to copy and remember.” This inspires me to think about letters in a new way!

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    1. Thanks so much, I do appreciate your compliments. I did have fun and as I also love art and don’t do a lot with it, I suddenly decided why not combine the two! Hopefully I can keep up the inspiration!!


  3. I love your “m” musings and was reminded of a math camp I used to teach – kind of hilarious, as I hated math in school and never felt strong in the discipline. In the camp, however, I taught Roman numerals; Kids LOVED it. We would combine it with eating M&Ms (which, of course, represent 2000).

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    1. Thanks! I absolutely love Roman numerals and to digress I also love Latin which I learnt till I was 17 and it so helped me with other languages because of its structure and discipline (total digression, but maybe a letter slice theme there somewhere?!) M and Ms, what a great idea!


  4. What an interesting theme for your slices this year…wonder if you’ll keep the theme all month, or if you’ll stray when a slice begs to be written. And…what will you do with the other 5 days??

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