H is for Holidays and Happiness!

H is another favourite letter of mine, you can write it in a really sweepy and dramatic curvy style or you can make it just straight up and down with just a faint half curve as required. Capital H is often written with some extraordinarily dramatic flourishes. I tried to reproduce one, but it didn’t really work out! I think ‘h’ is a very strong letter with an aspirated sound in phonics that is easy for kids to repeat. Link it with a ‘t’ in front and that’s where your problems start with ESL students, but that’s another story!

Our school is back for a new year, we started just five weeks ago, with all students turning up daily, just not in uniform, as nothing is ‘official’ for another couple of weeks…..so they are there in north east India with all their class teachers and I am here in western Australia (with no hope of getting out for the foreseeable future… our government is super strict). So I have a zoom writing class with each of the older classes once a week and so far it’s going really well (apart from the odd power cut or frozen moment!)

Considering they have hardly spoken English since March last year, although teachers have done their best to keep them in touch with learning at home and in other ways, I am very pleased with the outcome!

Shortly, we will write another little story book, maybe class by class, because they do so enjoy seeing themselves in print and as authors! The older students also touch typed the little passages onto a laptop. Meantime we work on adjectives and how to make sentences more interesting.

11 thoughts on “H is for Holidays and Happiness!

  1. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your teaching world. I have a fondness for the letter H as well since it’s the first letter in my last name. I like how you started by considering that letter and then moved into the heart of your piece (another h-word!) –your work with students. This line “Link it with a ‘t’ in front and that’s where your problems start with ESL students, but that’s another story!” was a great transition from one part to the next.


  2. Very artistic letter H. In Spanish you don’t pronounce it so for me as a kid was more an annoyance. I always remember an aunt who had a really bad spelling complaining why today (hoy in Spanish) was written with H and yesterday (Ayer in Spanish) wasn’t. How can words change so much from one day to the other? she asked me.

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  3. I liked your thoughts about the letter H. It is fascinating how we can see so many different ideas when we really think about something. Thank you for sharing the photos. Where is the school in North East India?

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