Quiet …

Quiet is warm,

Quiet is soft and patient, stealing up on you when your heart might be clenching,

Quiet may be the hush between an angry outburst and a ringing phone,

Quiet may be the mist of time swirling through your mind, remembering when you watched clouds shape their way overhead, or contemplated leaves hanging motionless on a tree.

A quiet place when seas are still

Quiet may thread its way into your room in the still of night when you don’t hear even a breath;

Quiet used to be the moment when our five kids tumbled out the door, lunch boxes in hand, to catch the local bus, husband off to work and …. what was that sound, before I began the rest of my day?

It was a gentle embrace as I drifted in solitude for just a moment.


If I ever got the chance, this would be my ideal quiet getaway!

It’s not a problem letter for students to pronounce, you just teach them there’s always a ‘u’ after it and it makes the sound ‘qwa’. It’s a little trickier to write and to remember the difference between the curly capital and the partly circular, partly straight lower case letter. Quack is everyone’s favourite ‘q’ word in kindergarten, closely followed by ‘queen’.

8 thoughts on “Quiet …

  1. So beautiful and —quiet. “Quiet may be the mist of time swirling through your mind, remembering when you/ watched clouds shape their way overhead, or contemplated leaves hanging/motionless on a tree.” I also know that stillness, that quiet you describe after the morning hubbub of kids and life out the door. I love these letter-ruminations. (And there are inherently 26 posts here, too.)


  2. Ah yes. QUIET. We find it in so many forms, from beautiful to painful. I love the way you capture its many moods and shapes here. And…I have to ask. I love taking the alphabet as your source. What inspired you to do that?


  3. Your pictures conjure up quietness for sure. The one with the green hills reminds me of my favorite quiet place that I stayed. It was in the outskirts of Nepal, called the Little House in the Rice Fields, and it was simple and beautiful and quiet. I was the only person staying there, apart from the man who ran the place, and it was heavenly. I often dream of going back there someday.

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    1. Oh that sounds delightful, I went to a lovely place in Vietnam once like that, but there were tourists, so it wasn’t really quiet. These spots are on the south coast of Victoria in Australia and combine the coastline and rolling hills….heaven!

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  4. Ah! Good, precious Quiet! So vital. I treasure “quiet” so much. I often crave it. I have it listed as a potential “Q” word when I get to that letter… we shall see what transpires at that time but let me say I love your contemplative lines and those photos. I could drink those in for a long, long time.

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