Celebration concert

I’m a little hesitant to post this, as I know most readers don’t have this freedom yet, but here’s hoping you all can do this by the end of the year.

On Friday night the local council staged a free celebration concert for families with the Perth Symphony Orchestra at a local park from 6 to 9 pm. There were a few food trucks but most people brought picnics to share and enjoy. It was actually a little chilly by Perth standards as our average temperature is around 32 degrees (90F) for our slow slide into autumn. Evenings do cool down by about 15 degrees, but Friday was a lot cooler.

Waiting for the orchestra to come onstage

This symphony orchestra is trying to bring classic back to the public and kids and make music more approachable and fun, so they played a lot of musical numbers that everyone could sing and dance too, with numbers from Frozen, Aladdin, Shrek, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Dozens of kids danced, leapt, cartwheeled and sang all night with vibrant enthusiasm. The orchestra had two local singers performing the lyrics.

Really bad photo because of lighting, but you get the idea

There was an intermission half way through and a few families left, but the majority stayed on for more delights. We went with all three of our daughters and two husbands and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Wrapping it up with the announcement of future concerts

The conductor was a young lady who performed with huge energy and aplomb. It was a night that I will remember with such pleasure as I saw families and friends sitting, reclining, chatting, laughing, dancing, singing and celebrating together. This is what local community is all about.

I’ve managed to squeeze the hard and soft sounds of ‘c’ into my title. They do cause confusion in kindergarten, especially the soft sound which is always pronounced so before the vowels ‘e’ and ‘i’ (like my own name ‘Celia’). Both hard and soft sounds are easy to pronounce, it’s just when to use which. They are also easy to write, just a half circle facing to the right. Again confusion comes, when students don’t really make it clear if they are using a capital or a small ‘C’ as they are formed the same way.

I love the letter ‘c’ even if I’ve had to spell my own name out thousands of times over the years!


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