Living laughter, laughing kookaburras, libraries make me laugh

There is no doubt, laughter is one of the best medicines.

I think children know better than anyone how to laugh. Sometimes listening to a houseful, a classroomful, a playground full of laughing, chattering children can bring a smile to your face, dispel the wave of depression or rising tide of gloom you’re currently feeling. I love the sound of laughter bubbling up from a child’s carefree spirit.

Australia has a bird called the kookaburra, I’m sure most people have heard of it and its wildly unique slightly raucous cry. It sounds just like someone starting off with a chuckle and then bursting into uproarious laughter, which is inevitably imitated by one or two others, until it lifts to a cacophony of shrieking cackles at some untold joke. I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face.

Kookaburras getting ready to laugh

We opened our little library at the school in a small alcove that used to be our temporary bedroom while Mark built a bigger house for us (another story). I laughed inwardly every time I went in with another box of books to line the shelves. Over the years we received second hand books from friends, second hand shops, a school in Shanghai where our daughter taught and a friend in the US who visited many garage sales on our behalf.

loving our library!

I have covered almost all of them in contact (clear adhesive) paper so they will withstand many tiny hands and page turning. I have spent hours of repetition showing younger students how to carefully turn a page with forefinger and thumb and not slop through the pages. One of the reasons kids wash their hands when first coming to school, is so they won’t cover our precious books with little brown fingerprints! It makes me laugh to remember all the tricks to keep our books clean and neat as possible.

Part of our Daily 5 curriculum, read to another

Each class has its own library box full of books for that level. On a certain day they choose a book to take home to read for the week. These children have zero books at home, unless other siblings have text books. The only books most children see here are text books. So it fills my heart with laughter that they are taking a fun fiction book into their household for parents and others to maybe notice.

Even textbooks are better in a library setting

Our students love to read and are now starting to learn how they can write their own stories and use their imagination and creativity. I watch them discuss a page of the book they are reading with another student, or absorbed in the pictures. They can tell me what the characters, setting and problem is in their library book or recount a story they have watched on youtube to the whole class. This fills me with laughter too.

Decodable readers gifted from Australia

The letter ‘l’ pops up all over the place, the sound ‘l’ made with the tongue pressed behind the upper front teeth. Kids remember it easily and of course it’s not hard to draw a straight line or make the line across the bottom to turn it into a capital. Later on, you can make it as loopy and fanciful as you want when writing.

I love the lovely letter ‘L’!

6 thoughts on “Living laughter, laughing kookaburras, libraries make me laugh

  1. Your students look so happy with their books in the wonderful tiny library! Kids’ smiles and kids’ laughter are so refreshing. I am going to look up the kookaburra’s sound now, because I did not know that they “laughed.”

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  2. I remember learning the kookaburra song when I was a kid. It’s like the bird, a happy song. I can’t imagine having no books at home. Your descriptions and photos of the children are wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

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