I mean to look for her every day,

She won’t step forward,

She’s waiting just so close at hand;

I’m aware of her loveliness, her appeal,

But I dare not touch her drifting hem.

She is a whisper in the breeze,

A breath in the night air,

The most precious fragrance you will find,

The gentlest brush of feathered fingers.

But today I let her down, with a frown,

A muttered reprimand, an angry word,

An uncalled for judgment, a malicious thought.

She has slipped away again,

I’ve lost my chance,

GRACE, please come back and stay.


PS. While I was writing this, a van with a sign reading The Gutter Cleaner came to clean out the gutters on the dozen units in our daughter’s compound. They did their job fairly noisily but hopefully efficiently. One of the three men involved spent all his time, when he wasn’t up on a roof letting water gush down a drainpipe, grumbling about various issues. I didn’t hear him say one good word about anyone or anything. It dawned on me, this was a perfect example of someone entirely lacking in grace. It also allowed me to pop in a few more words starting with ‘g’!

The letter ‘g’ has a hard and soft sound of course, so students first need to learn the hard sound with part of the tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth, towards the back. Later they can be introduced to the soft sound which is the same as the letter ‘j’.

There are a variety of ways to write the letter ‘g’, but the conventional way students learn is to make the circle on the line and bring the stick down below the line and curve it towards the left. A capital G is basically a C with a small stick down to the line and another little stick across to the left.

10 thoughts on “G….

  1. The soft and hard sounds of g. The many ways to write it. G is varied. Maybe difficult. As is grace. A word that we don’t teach much. And I wonder why. Perhaps because it is so nuanced. But maybe if we taught it we’d all get better at it. Your poem is a prayer, a reminder to seek grace.

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  2. Grace. Oh. Who couldn’t use a little more of YOU – for ourselves, for others? I often think about G, since it began my last name growing up. My mom’s first name also started with G, (my kids call her Grandma GG) and she always made her G’s differently than anyone else I’ve ever met. Love this letter!

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