Colourful explosion

Last March I wended my way through the alphabet phonetically and threw in a few digraphs to complete the month, so my initial thoughts in preparation for slicing this year were….I do better with a theme of some sort.

It worked well for me last year, despite sometimes making me feel a little constricted and annoyed when I had to construct a slice around certain letters. It kept me on track.

My watercolour palette

I’ve been doing a fair amount of painting and playing with different mediums recently. When I looked at my watercolour palette just now, I realised I had more than enough to see me through the month!

I’m picking a greyish tone from the bottom line today, because the east coast of Australia is being deluged by rain, one town in particular is experiencing the worst floods on record with a nearby river having risen over fourteen metres for the first time since records began. People are being rescued from their rooftops.

There’s also war bringing a bleak grey misery to Ukraine and its people and ongoing war in other countries like Eritrea and Myanmar. Grey is the dull ache when you know children are being born into a battle torn country and grey are the long lines of refugees having to leave because there is no choice.

But grey is in no way how I feel about another month of slicing every day… it’s just without the duller tones and sadder days, we never fully appreciate the light that is out there and can shine through even the dreariest tones.

Just like a refugee smiling through her tears when she knows her children are safe, but her husband has to stay behind to fight a war he never chose to be a part of.


4 thoughts on “Colourful explosion

  1. I did well with a theme last year, too – it was great fun to think through that alphabetic lens. I am flying with what the days bring me this year, so… we’ll see. Love this color theme. Gray (grey) is a great place to begin. It is an in-between color and so much of life is “in-between.” We need the contrast to make the bright colors pop – as you express so well with this: to “fully appreciate the light that is out there and can shine through even the dreariest tones.” -Yes!

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  2. Thank you, Fran! I so enjoy your comments as always.
    Yes I remember your alphabetic theme very well from last year! I have to say one of my ‘queries’ in my mind, with writing about colour (color) was the difference in spelling which I realised would probably crop up in every post and knowing most Slice of Life readers/writers are American or Canadian!


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